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Ralf Neudel

Co-founder and CEO
Munich, Germany

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Ralf Neudel is co-founder and CEO of einbliq.io. His mission with einbliq.io: To use data analytics for making streaming cheaper, greener, better. Additionally, the einbliq.io team helps broadcasters in bridging the gap in audience analytics between streaming and broadcast. Ralf also supports the Digital TV Group UK as Strategic Technologist.

Until 2020, he worked for IRT, the former research and innovation center of the public service broadcasters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He was responsible for the collaborative research branch of IRT working with numerous international partners in the broadcasting sector for over 10 years. Later, he took over the group responsible at IRT for research and innovation in online and streaming services.

Ralf originally graduated in Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology from RWTH Aachen in 2006.

Curious to exchange...

Let us know what you think of our approach to optimise streaming for quality, cost and energy consumption at the same time. Is this of relevance? And if yes, where does your organisation stand or struggle in this domain?

In addition, we are piloting our broadcast analytics solution with broadcaster which lets them understand their audience at a much more detailed level - e.g. on local distribution of their viewership. Which content works best where? Are there specific moments in the programme, when viewers turn away? Can an pop-up be played out in real-time to keep people sticking around? How can HbbTV technology be used to bridge the gap between broadcast and OTT?